We are living in a time of transparency and transformation.
Our “world-views” our paradigms are being rearranged
into a foundation of honesty and integrity.

protect the environment, promote public health & educate

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Partnering to build a world where everyone enjoys a healthy environment.

When my associates and I refer to this Holistic approach we understand all things are interconnected. This relates to the new sciences of Quantum Physics and Molecular Biology and what we are calling Quantum Culture. Technology has been used to serve the old paradigm of ego-centered control and selfishness. We believe that technology should be used to compose ways to support Public Health and Protect the Environment. Our current economic system and corporate structures reinforce the control mechanism of what is called the money-power-grid. Most people are aware of this problem but find it hard to change their perspective and feel helpless to affect change.



— We Educate

Education around the new sciences underlying progressive technology is being misrepresented to support a money power grid, having profit and growth to the detriment of human and environmental health. If citizens are honestly educated they would turn away from systems of controlling technologies that endangers humanity. So education was the first core purpose.


— We Promote
Public Health

We believe in order to have holistic public health we need honesty and scientific integrity. Even if this means not agreeing with the current policies and procedures in place. Or perhaps supporting and promoting the current ones. The measuring stick will be Scientific Integrity supported by policies that support public health instead of a corporate agenda that puts Corporate profits ahead of human health.


— We Protect the

Protecting the environment and our eco-system Is our third core purpose. We believe this can only happen if human beings start working with the human values of health and safety. This new model needs to be the new operating principles for our society, because the corporate profit model will continue to destroy our ecosystems and the environment. Also we think new technologies need to be used to compose systems and structures that incorporate a healthy relationship with all life. These new operating paradigms will be Holistic and put human Health and welfare above profit and greed and as a consequence protect our environment.


Michel leads climate change workshop

Michel is a retired Air Traffic Controller and has travelled the world and has witnessed environmental degradation and climate change. He has a deep love for the Earth and wanted to do something to help.

Michel studied Philanthropy and Not For Profit Corporations and understands that society and governments have provided a structure where philanthropy and giving from the heart can occur. He believes that the Holistic Community Foundation will work with this concept for it’s full purpose and potential.

Robin leads community action to stop spraying

Robin and his family had experienced first hand the dangers of a biological technology called herbicides. Although herbicides were said to be safe the near death of his son and continued health issues contradicted his experience.

As Robin learned the latest scientific research and information on herbicides he met and spoke with scientists, doctors, and activists and learned that the biological technologies called herbicides are actually “Biocides” designed to kill biological organisms including humans. And he learned that the science used to create these chemicals were for war and killing life.

Robin states that as he delved more into the history and science of herbicides it became very clear that the idea of herbicide safety was simply not correct according to the latest research.
Robin began to speak about what he had learned but people did not seem to understand how pesticides were harming children and the environment. So, after several months of research he understood how an entire bureaucracy of support had been setup within the health regulatory bodies within the western world that supported the use of these untested products.
He also learned how industry controlled and fabricated science. And it became self evident that no tests were done on the synergistic effects of the all chemicals included in herbicide products and how they really affect human biology at fundamental levels. Also he realized that because no tests were done on the products it was misleading at best and illegal and fraudulent at worse to claim herbicides were evaluated and proven safe for human health. You simply can not put any type of directions for safe use on products that have never been tested. Finally, he realized children, and all citizens are now the test subjects.